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Re: Youth Employment in Agriculture as a Solid Solution to ending Hunger and Poverty in Africa

Placidius Rwechungura
Placidius RwechunguraGreenAppUnited Republic of Tanzania

My name is Placidius Rwechungura from Tanzania.

I once took loan from the bank and I went to invest into farming after hearing from my friends that agriculture pays a lot. I am sorry to say that my money went for nothing and i ended up paying the loan without getting any yields from my farm.

What I want to say here is that, I invested in farm without having any knowledge in the crops i invested. I was supposed to have knowledge and then invest while learning.

Now I have come up with an idea that can help many African youths to engage into farming by using technology. I have developed a mobile app that is also a web based system and does the following.

Help farmers to adapt Climate Smart Agriculture by providing real time personalized crop advisory based on current & forecast weather.

GreenApp ( provides accurate weather forecast (Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed & Direction, and Rainfall etc.) and is unique app as it is user friendly.

It can be viewed, read, and it can herd. By doing so, GreenApp aims to tackle three main objectives:

Sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and incomes; adapting and building resilience to climate change and Reducing and/or removing greenhouse gas emissions, where possible.

GreenApp is strong software as it has videos that are collected from successful farmers and farm experts explaining step by step procedures on how to apply farm inputs and how to go about a certain crop.

The app will also allow people as individuals and registered companies to own online shops which will give them access to sell their products and people will have an option to buy and sell by using Visa, MasterCard and Mobile transfer known as MPESA.

There will also be agro shops which will be selling farm inputs like seeds, fertilizers, chemicals location wise.

There will be live market prices that will be displayed according to the location.

Each and every government will benefit for the information obtained from the App as it is having an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will be running behind the app by collecting data and doing analysis.

The GreenApp AI will be able to predict the nature of disease affecting the crops and animals by scanning and mapping the available pictures and data and thereafter advise the type of pesticides to be applied and where to get it from.

It will be able to predict that by the coming year a certain country will be in need of buying a certain amount of farm inputs like fertilizers, it will also be able to predict the type of diseases that affects the animals and plants by just taking a photo and submit to the application.

The GreenApp AI will be able to predict the quality of products, the quantity, the market analysis and demand.

GreenApp will link farmers in a nearby location cultivating the same crops to share ideas on how to tackle some challenges and share success.

It will have a social media part whereby farmers will follow successful people and get some updates and learn from them, comment and share the success.

GreenApp will bring together all farm experts online to assist some farmers in case they need assistance and it will link some farmers and herders with insurance companies, banks for financial assistance and insurance companies and law firms.

The application will link farmers and herders with legal advisors location wise for the purpose of helping especially widows ho have a challenge in owning land and any farmer and herder land conflicts.

The App will be used by Banks and Insurance companies to manage and get daily reports from small farmers, middle farmers and nuclear farmers.