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The Country Programming Framework (CPF) 2018-2021 sets out four FAO’s medium term assistance priorities and results, derived from nationally defined priorities and objectives, to be achieved over the four year period. The four priorities that resulted from broad consultation process are:

1.  Enhance enabling environment and capacity development for increased, sustainable and diversified agriculture, fisheries production and nutrition;

2.   Sustainable natural resources management for climate change adaptation and mitigation; 

3. Strengthen food, agriculture and natural resources value chains for income generation and job creation

4. Strengthen resilience and capacities for disaster risk reduction and management, and climate change adaptation and mitigation




Meetings / Workshops / Events

  •  2 November 2020, Banjul. Legal and Policy Gaps in Land Tenure Governance and Conflicts resolutions mechanisms assessment report validation workshop    

  •  11 November 2020, Banjul. Validation of the Early Warning Strategy for The Gambia supported by the GEF funded project Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change in The Gambia

  • 23 November 2020, Banjul. Gambia Agriculture National Adaptation Plan Framework Validation Workshop and the “Integrating Agriculture in National Adaptation Plans’ (NAP-Ag) Programme Closing Workshop