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FAO's work on gender equality and women's empowerment at country level

People have begun referring to Monira and her team as the community poultry doctors. She and the other women vaccinators save money from their work in a joint account, which they intend to use to set up their own commercial farm soon.
By supporting children’s health from their first 1 000 days of life, FAO is sustainably strengthening the food security and nutrition of future generations and helping to achieve #ZeroHunger.
Although the pilot programme in Kyrgyzstan only serves 29 schools, its success could serve as a model for other initiatives across the country.
Rising above some initial difficulties, such as inconsistent supply of materials and strong competition from imports, the young businesswomen is living her dream and remains optimistic about her evolving business.
A #ZeroHunger world isn’t just about stopping people from going hungry, it is about ensuring that they get enough of the right kind of nutritious food to lead healthy productive lives.
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