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FAO's work on gender equality and women's empowerment at country level

Rising above some initial difficulties, such as inconsistent supply of materials and strong competition from imports, the young businesswomen is living her dream and remains optimistic about her evolving business.
As key partners to FAO’s ISPP project, the extension workers from the Ministry of Agriculture have trained the farmers in conservation agriculture techniques, nutrition-sensitive crop production and utilization and aspects of agribusiness.
Christine was one of 600 participants in FAO’s Farmer Field and Life Schools. Each group learned good practices for farming as well as some other important skills, such as financial literacy.
Challenging gender norms by providing equal opportunities for both men and women.
Barkissa Fofana research, a result of partnership between INERA and AAD programme, is one example of how the programme is working to make degraded land in the Sahel green and productive again.
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