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Binding GFCM recommendations and resolutions

Interactive table of recent GFCM decisions (2005-2016)  

Use the following interactive table to find more easily a GFCM decision (recommendations and resolution adopted before 2005 can be consulted through the Compendium document only).

The Compendium of GFCM Decisions can be downloaded in English and French.

YearTypeCategoryNumberTitleEnglish versionFrench version
2016RecMCSGFCM/40/2016/1on a regional scheme on port State measures to combat IUU fishing activities in the GFCM area of applicationEnFr
2016RecDIRGFCM/40/2016/2on the progressive implementation of data submission in line with the Data Collection Reference Framework (DCRF)EnFr
2016RecCMGFCM/40/2016/3establishing further emergency measures in 2017 and 2018 for small pelagic stocks in the Adriatic Sea (GSA 17 and GSA 18)EnFr
2016RecCMGFCM/40/2016/4establishing a multiannual plan for the fisheries exploiting European hake and deep-water rose shrimp in the Strait of Sicily (GSAs 12 to 16)EnFr
2016RecCMGFCM/40/2016/5establishing a minimum conservation reference size for European hake in the Mediterranean SeaEnFr
2016RecCMGFCM/40/2016/6on scientific monitoring, management and control of turbot fisheries in the Black Sea (GSA29)EnFr
2016RecCMGFCM/40/2016/7concerning the authorisation of the use of remotely operated vehicles within the framework of national scientific research programmes on red coralEnFr
2016Res GFCM/40/2016/1on guidelines for drafting GFCM decisionsEnFr
2016Res GFCM/40/2016/2for a mid-term strategy (2017-2020) toward the sustainability of Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheriesEnFr
2016Res GFCM/40/2016/3on sustainable small-scale fisheries in the GFCM area of applicationEnFr
2015RecCMGFCM/39/2015/1establishing further precautionary and emergency measures in 2016 for small pelagic stocks in the Adriatic Sea (GSA 17 and GSA 18)EnFr
2015RecCMGFCM/39/2015/2on the establishment of a set of minimum standards for bottom trawling fisheries of demersal stocks in the Strait of Sicily, pending the development and adoption of a multiannual management planEnFr
2015RecCMGFCM/39/2015/3on the establishment of a set of measures to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in turbot fisheries in the Black SeaEnFr
2015RecCMGFCM/39/2015/4on management measures for piked dogfish in the Black SeaEnFr
2014RecCMGFCM/38/2014/1amending Recommendation GFCM/37/2013/1 and on precautionary and emergency measures for 2015 on small pelagic stocks in the GFCM GSA 17EnFr
2014RecCMGFCM/38/2014/2amending and repealing Recommendation GFCM/34/2010/3 concerning the identification of non-complianceEnFr
2014Res GFCM/38/2014/1on Guidelines on VMS and related control systems in the GFCM area of competenceEnFr
2013Res GFCM/37/2013/1on area based management of fisheries, including through the establishment of Fisheries Restricted Areas (FRAs) in the GFCM convention area and coordination with the UNEP-MAP initiatives on the establishment of SPAMIsEn 
2013RecCMGFCM/37/2013/1on a multiannual management plan for fisheries on small pelagic stocks in the GFCM-GSA 17 (Northern Adriatic Sea) and on transitional conservation measures for fisheries on small pelagic stocks in GSA 18 (Southern Adriatic Sea)EnFr
2013RecCMGFCM/37/2013/2on the establishment of a set of minimum standards for bottom-set gillnet fisheries for turbot and conservation of cetaceans in the Black SeaEnFr
2013Res GFCM/37/2013/2on Guidelines on the management of fishing capacity in the GFCM areaEn 
2012Res GFCM/36/2012/1on guidelines on Allocated Zones for Aquaculture (AZA)En 
2012RecCMGFCM/36/2012/1on further measures for the exploitation of red coral in the GFCM areaEnFr
2012RecCMGFCM/36/2012/2on mitigation of incidental catches of cetaceans in the GFCM areaEnFr
2012RecCMGFCM/36/2012/3on fisheries management measures for conservation of sharks and rays in the GFCM areaEnFr
2011Res GFCM/35/2011/1on the submission of combined data on fishing vesselsEn 
2011Res GFCM/35/2011/2on data confidentiality policy and procedures, amending resolution GFCM/30/2006/1En 
2011RecMCSGFCM/35/2011/1concerning the establishment of a GFCM Logbook, amending Recommendation GFCM/34/2010/1EnFr
2011RecCMGFCM/35/2011/2on the exploitation of red coral in the GFCM Competence AreaEnFr
2011RecCMGFCM/35/2011/3on reducing incidental by-catch of seabirds in fisheries in the GFCM Competence AreaEnFr
2011RecCMGFCM/35/2011/4on the incidental by-catch of sea turtles in fisheries in the GFCM Competence AreaEnFr
2011RecCMGFCM/35/2011/5on fisheries measures for the conservation of the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) in the GFCM Competence AreaEnFr
2011RecDIRGFCM/35/2011/6on reporting of aquaculture data and information, amending Recommendation GFCM/33/2009/4EnFr
2011Res GFCM/35/2011/3concerning the procedure to submit new proposals of decisions to the annual sessions of the GFCMEn 
2010RecMCSGFCM/34/2010/2on the management of Fishing CapacityEnFr
2009RecMCSGFCM/33/2009/8on the establishment of a list of vessels presumed to have carried out IUU fishing in the GFCM area repealing recommendation GFCM/30/2006/4EnFr
2009RecMCSGFCM/33/2009/7 concerning minimum standards for the establishment of a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) in the GFCM areaEnFr
2009RecMCSGFCM/33/2009/6concerning the establishment of a GFCM record of vessels over 15 metres authorized to operate in the GFCM area amending the recommendation GFCM/29/2005/2EnFr
2009RecDIRGFCM/33/2009/5on the establishment of the GFCM regional fleet registerEnFr
2009RecDIRGFCM/33/2009/3on the implementation of the GFCM Task 1 statistical matrix and repealing resolution GFCM/31/2007/1EnFr
2009RecCMGFCM/33/2009/2on the minimum mesh size in the codend of demersal trawl nets.EnFr
2009RecCMGFCM/33/2009/1on the establishment of a Fisheries Restricted Area in the Gulf of Lion to protect spawning aggregations and deep sea sensitive habitatsEnFr
2009Res GFCM/33/2009/1on the management of demersal fisheries in the GFCM areaEn 
2008Res GFCM/32/2008/1on reporting on the implementation of GFCM management measuresEn 
2007Res GFCM/31/2007/4on the Pelagos Sanctuary for the Conservation of Marine MammalsEn 
2007Res GFCM/2007/3on the 40 mm square mesh size in codend of trawl nets exploiting demersal resourcesEn 
2006RecCMGFCM/2006/3on the establishment of fisheries restrictive areas in order to protect the deep sea sensitive habitatsEnFr
2006RecCMGFCM/2006/2on the establishment of a closed season for the dolphinfish fisheries based on fishing aggregation devices (FADs)EnFr
2006RecCMGFCM/2006/1on the management of certain fisheries exploiting demersal and small pelagicEnFr
2005RecCMGFCM/29/2005/1on the management of certain fisheries exploiting demersal and deep-water species and the establishment of a fisheries restricted area below 1000 mEnFr
2002RecMCS GFCM/27/2002/1on the management of selected demersal and small pelagic speciesEnFr