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FAO in Ghana

Ghana’s Country Programming Framework 2013 - 2016 (CPF) defines three priorities areas for collaboration between FAO and the Government of Ghana, which are food and nutrition security; environment and sustainable natural resource management; and rural development and resilient livelihoods. 

FAO's activities are aligned with UNDAF and collaboration with other Development Partners, including CSO such as producers organizations, agricultural workkers' union, women and youth groups and NGO to ensure greater impact in achieving the stated goal.

Meetings / Workshops / Events

October 1st -5th 2018, Stakeholder Workshop to review Ghana's Lagoon co-management plans.

October 15 2018, A panel discussion aimed at promoting understanding and awareness of food security issues and drive forward the commitment to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030

October 16th 2018, Commemoration of 38th World Food Day in Ghana.