Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)

Scientific Advisory Group


In order to ensure a scientific rigor and to develop new tools and orientations of the GIAHS, our Programme relies on a group of seven experts from the different field of expertise.

These experts are selected, one for each continent, by our Director General for a mandate of two years. During this time, the experts will gather in FAO headquarters several times a year to :

- understand, analyse and evaluate the provided information for each received proposals

- lead field visits for each potential sites to confront proposals information and reality in the site

- elaborate technical documents in order to improve the understanding of the programme for potential applicant countries

- provide wide orientations and scientific inputs to mainstream the Programme

Profile of our experts

  • Helida Oyieke, Chief Research Scientist at National Museums of Kenya, Kenya, Africa
  • Min Qing Wen, Professor of Center for Natural and Cultural Heritage Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, China, Asia/Pacific
  • Nobuyuki Yagi, Professor at the University of Tokyo, Member of the Science Council of Japan and IPBES expert from 2014 to 2018, Japan, Asia/Pacific
  • Mauro Agnoletti, Associate Professor of University of Firenze, Italy, Europe and Central Asia
  • Patricia Goulart Bustamante, Researcher of EMBRAPA (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation), Brazil, Latin America and Caribbean 
  • Slim Zekri, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Natural Resource Economics, College of Agricultural & Marine Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Tunisia, Near East  
  • Anne MacDonald Professor in Sophia University Graduate School of Environmental Studies (Japan), Canada, North America