Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model (GLEAM)

Current team

Henning Steinfeld - Chief of the Livestock Information, Sector Analysis and Policy branch

Timothy P. Robinson – Senior Livestock Policy Officer 

Alessandra Falcucci - Lead Geographic Information Systems analyst

Giuseppe Tempio - Geographic Information Systems analyst

Monica Rulli – Geographic Information System analyst

Giuseppina Cinardi – Livestock Information analyst

Félix Teillard – Livestock production systems analyst

Aimable Uwizeye - Livestock Policy Officer

Juliana Lopes – Livestock Production Specialist

Marta Dondini – Soil organic carbon specialist 

Dominik Wisser – Water life cycle specialist 




The development team included Giuseppina Cinardi, Klaas Dietze, Alessandra Falcucci, Pierre Gerber, Guya Gianni, Benjamin Henderson, Michael MacLeod, Rubén Martínez, Anne Mottet, Carolyn Opio, Tim Robinson, Monica Rulli, Mirella Salvatore, Giuseppe Tempio, Olaf Thieme, Theun Vellinga and Viola Weiler.

GLEAM incorporates valuable comments, views and information from research partners, including Colorado State University, Pennsylvania State University, Wageningen University and the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology; and FAO colleagues Phillippe Ankers, Vincent Gitz, Leslie Lipper, Harinder Makkar, Alexandre Meybeck, Ugo Pica-Ciamarra, Marja-Liisa Tapio-Bistrom, Francesco Tubiello and Xiangjun Yao.