The Food and Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis (FAPDA) initiative provides  information on national policy documents through the FAPDA policy database.

The database contains over 10 000 national policy decisions and 2 000 national policy frameworks for 100 countries around the world that support evidence-based decision-making. 


Available and reliable policy information is fundamental for policy making

Find the latest national policies on food security and nutrition in the FAPDA policy database

Latest policy frameworks

Sri Lanka: National Policy, Strategies and Institutional Framework for Water Resources Development, Conservation and Management

The Policy envisions “A Society that values the sustainable use of water resources and recognizes the goal of a balanced environment conducive to social and economic development” ...

Russian Federation: Strategy for the development of the marine activities of the Russian Federation until 2030

The Strategy for the Development of the Marine Activities of the Russian Federation until 2030 (hereinafter referred to as the Strategy) was adopted by the government in 2019 ...

Latest policy decisions

Uganda: Public institution

As a way of promoting equitable income generation from commercial agricultural, the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries has completed formulation of guidelines for inclusion of gender-sensitive plans in the next ...

Ethiopia: Subsidies on fuel, power and water / Support to productive assets

The construction of Mekelle Water Supply Development Project, which is expected to increase drinking water supply of Mekelle city, was officially launched. The project that is expected to be finalized within 3 years will consume over 270 million USD ...