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GLOBEFISH - Analysis and information on world fish trade

European Price Report - August 2017

Year published: 2017

Monthly prices for about 600 fish products and an overview of the major trends on the European market, reported by an extensive correspondent network.

August 2017.

AbstractAlthough August is one of the most active consumption periods for fish and shellfish in Europe, the market is slowing down as importers are always a month or so ahead of market developments. Southern European tuna and sardine canneries are now closed for the summer holidays, which also affects demand for raw material. As a result, the next two months will be relatively calm, leading up to the year-end rush. The Southern part of the continent has suffered recently from extremely hot weather, which has negatively impacted outside consumption, including seafood. This has seen prices remain flat for products which are normally in strong demand during this time of year.

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