The module 4 Corresponds to impacts on beneficiary households where LAPs seek security and legal certainty about land ownership.

Module 4: Household Livelihoods

Results framework of LAPs

Household level

The indicators that can be used to evaluate LAP intervention at LAI level according to the results and impacts chain at household level are shown below.

This framework has three evaluation levels:

  • The indirect impacts on household sustainable livelihood, as a secondary effect of the improvement on tenure security (not entirely due to the Project) and the land administration services.
  • The direct impacts that LAPs might generate at medium term to the households sustainable livelihood, as a direct consequence of the issuance of new titles.
  • The effects of the LAPs implementation that consist of immediate benefits to the households.

Each of these indicators is linked to one of the five capitals that compose a household: economic and financial capital, human capital, social capital, environmental capital, and physical capital.

See the effects of the LAP in the different capitals in the household and the chain of results and impacts at household level, for an evaluation relates these capitals.