The module 5 corresponds to the Fiscal, Financial and Economic Analysis (FFEA) of LAPs which contains elements of the three main modules.

Module 5: Fiscal Financial and Economic Analysis (FFEA)

Intermediate results indicators

There are some subindicators that may be useful for monitoring the intermediate results of LAPs as regards their fiscal, financial and economic impacts:



Society in general

Saving in average cost of transaction to user (aligned with the Global Indicator of the N° of days to carry out a land transaction)

Quantification of value, time and transport costs for the user per transaction type associated with landed property

Increase in income generated by LAIs

Quantification of the revenue volume generated per transaction type and in total associated with landed property

Coverage of operating costs of LAIs

Quantification of revenue per transaction in relation to operating costs of LAIs

Increase in property market value

Quantification of the increase in property market value per tenure type

Increase in the volume of transactions

Quantification of the registered number of property transactions

Subnational level

Increase in municipal tax collection

Quantification of the increase in tax collection due to land planning processes linked to the LAP and due to an increase in the tax base by cadastral updating

Family level

Increase in productivity on regularized rural land

Quantification of the increase in productivity on rural land (net increases per surface area) per tenure type

Increase in investment in regularized urban and rural properties

Quantification of the increase in investment in improvements and productive assets in urban and rural properties per tenure type

Increase in access to mortgage loans

Quantification of the number of first mortgage loans granted to urban or rural properties regularized by LAP