Global Partnership Initiative for Plant Breeding Capacity Building

Information Material

The multi-lingual materials so far produced focus on getting partners and policy-makers familiar with GIPB as a global partnership platform and as a repository of plant breeding capacity knowledge. Other materials describe specific areas where plant breeding has policy implications. To download the advocacy material please click on the links below.


A global platform dedicated to mobilize education, policy, technology and information resources to help unlock the value of plant genetic resources for all.

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Plant Breeding and options in Bioenergy

The energy crisis has become a major concern to all governments today, due to the high petroleum cost and climate change resulting from non-renewable energy use. [En] [Fr] [Sp]

Tackling Climate Change through Plant Breeding and Better Use of Plant Genetic Resources

Climate change is threatening to push the number of hungry even higher in the decades to come, due to new challenges to agriculture and food production. Temperatures across the world could rise up to 6oC by 2050. The main challenges from climate change to agriculture and food production are the more frequent and severe drought and floods, and higher pressure from insects and diseases. [En] [Fr] [Sp]

Food Security: Conservation, Use and Delivery of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Global food production has grown faster than population over the last century, due to improved varieties and good crop management adopted by farmers. Better access to food at lower prices is one of the humankind’s greatest achievements. [En] [Fr] [Sp].

Plant Breeding Impacts and Current Challenges

The World population has passed 6.8 billion people and continues to grow. Hunger is one of the major challenges to humankind at present and likely will be even more in the future as food production requirements rise. Technology advances in agriculture and food production need to continue to meet these challenges. [En] [Fr] [Sp]

Health and Nutrition through Plant Breeding and Plant Genetic Resources

Globally, inadequate nutrition is the primary factor in child mortality. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are common, even where general under-nutrition is absent. At the same time, obesity is increasing, with its associated health problems. Health systems are burdened with high costs of treating obesity-related diseases, while also fighting malnutrition. [En]