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TitleTraditional procedures and methods of storage protection
Author(s)A. Bell
Document TypePublication (book)
AbtractIn the field of storage protection, peasant farmers are using chemical pesticides to an increasing extent. Surveys have shown that there are serious problems in the correct use of these chemicals, in the selection of appropriate products and in their quality and availability. These factors cause major problems, and may entail very high risks. The use of chemical pesticides has made a major contribution to the decrease in non-chemical treatments traditionally used by smallholders. The information contained in the following publication addresses the problem within the context of both environmental protection and conservation of natural resources, whilst at the same time respecting the need to implement appropriate technologies
PublisherNOT FAO GIZ (GTZ)
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Pages No.22
Commoditiescereals and grains
TopicsPostharvest systems management / Storage protection and postharvest physiology