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Esta sección proporciona el acceso a documentos que cubren múltiples actividades de poscosecha de los productos agrícolas. Incluye tanto un Motor de Búsqueda Simple y un Motor de Búsqueda Avanzada de modo de facilitar la información requerida.

Siempre que ha sido posible las publicaciones se presentan como archivos pdf descargables.

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When we eat food that we have grown or bought we are unwittingly consuming many substances other than the basic nutrients which we assume make up the food item. The same applies to the feed we provide for our domesticated animals. Many foreign substances are added by man to improve quality [...]
Manual de formación      2007      FAO - Peter Golob      (Inglés)      Download document
The grain produced by the farmer has a long journey to travel on its way to the consumer’s plate or the animal’s feed trough; it may be processed into value-added foods or feeds for consumption in urban or other areas that are remote from the site of production. There may be a long [...]
[series]      2007      FAO -Peter Golob      (Inglés)      Download document
Biscuits are a baked product, usually made from wheat flour together with fat and sugar. They are made in a variety of shapes and sizes and may contain dried fruits, nuts and food colours. They are a dry product, usually with a golden brown colour and a crisp texture. Savoury biscuits [...]
Manual de instrucción      2007      FAO - AGS      (Inglés)      Download document
Each type of cereal requires a specific post-harvest treatment, however, there are certain general principles that apply to most of them. Cereals undergo a number of processing stages between harvest and consumption. This chain of processes is often referred to as the total post-harvest system. The post-harvest system can be [...]
Manual de instrucción      2007      FAO - AGS      (Inglés)      Download document
Cornmeal by definition is dried corn kernels that have been ground in one of three textures – fine, medium, or coarse. It is a popular dry corn because of its long shelf life, freedom from black specks, and bright colour. There are two methods of grinding. The old-fashioned water-ground (also [...]
Manual de instrucción      2007      FAO - AGS      (Inglés)      Download document

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