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Esta sección proporciona el acceso a documentos que cubren múltiples actividades de poscosecha de los productos agrícolas. Incluye tanto un Motor de Búsqueda Simple y un Motor de Búsqueda Avanzada de modo de facilitar la información requerida.

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GASGA-the Group for Assistance with Systems relating to Grain After-harvest-is a voluntary association of organizations primarily linked with donor operations. These organizations all have major involvement in most, if not all, of the following: the provision of professional advice; the conduct of field projects; the training of developing country personnel; and and [...]
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The objectives of this seminar on private enterprise and the post-harvest sector were: to encourage the GASGA Executive to discuss the GASGA role in promoting private enterprise in the post-harvest sector; to prepare a GASGA position paper on support to private enterprise in the post-harvest sector; and to identify opportunities for [...]
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The global consumer demand for high-quality foods that are both fresh tasting and nutritious has created considerable interest and investment in the development of new or improved post-harvest storage and food-processing techniques. The competitive struggle for markets, which has resulted from more liberalised trade regimes, has required a much greater [...]
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Jordan, although a relatively small country, produces a wide range of fruits and vegetables. A large percentage of the vegetables is produced, due to the unique climate of the country, in the off-season (during Winter and early Spring). In the present report production figures of the major fruit and vegetable crops [...]
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leaflets of different tropical fruits, vegetables and seafood
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