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This section provides access to documents covering the many post-harvest activities associated with agricultural commodities. 

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In the field of storage protection, peasant farmers are using chemical pesticides to an increasing extent. Surveys have shown that there are serious problems in the correct use of these chemicals, in the selection of appropriate products and in their quality and availability. These factors cause major problems, and may [...]
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Les activites post-recolte font partie d?un systeme qui comprend toutes les etapes et tous les acteurs agissant dans ce domaine, depuis la production jusqu?a la consommation. Par consequent, l?adoption d?une approche de systeme s?avere necessaire des lors qu?il s?agit d?analyser les contraintes et d?introduire des ameliorations. C?est avec le soutien [...]
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The root and tuber development guides are practice-oriented extension booklets that show how rural families can make the best use of R&T. Each guide in the series is based on practical experience gained in post-production research and development work conducted by many partners, especially in West Africa. Partners include the [...]
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La description des procedes traditionnels est illustree par des photos qui permettront de visualiser les operations ainsi que le comportement des produits.
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Esta publicacion contiene orientaciones para el analisis y promocion de sistemas de post-produccion siguiendo el esquema metodologico desarrollado conjuntamente por la Organizacion de las Naciones Unidas para la Agricultura y la Alimentacion (FAO) y la Agencia de Cooperacion Alemana para el Desarrollo (GTZ). Este encuadre metodologico es la respuesta a [...]
long (over 2 hours)      0      A. Bell (GTZ), F. Mazaud (FAO), O.Muck (Consultor)      (Spanish)      Download document

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