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This section provides access to documents covering the many post-harvest activities associated with agricultural commodities. 

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The Role of Small Grains in Food Security in Marainal Rainfall Areas of Zimbabwe Sorghum and Millet Processing and Utilisation in the Southern Africa Development Coordination Conference Area The Place of Dehulling in African Food Systems Relevance of marketing conditions to improve foodgrain production Concepts of food grain stock policy Utilization of small grains in [...]
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GASGA-the Group for Assistance with Systems relating to Grain After-harvest-is a voluntary association of organizations primarily linked with donor operations. These organizations all have major involvement in most, if not all, of the following: the provision of professional advice; the conduct of field projects; the training of developing country personnel; and and [...]
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The objectives of this seminar on private enterprise and the post-harvest sector were: to encourage the GASGA Executive to discuss the GASGA role in promoting private enterprise in the post-harvest sector; to prepare a GASGA position paper on support to private enterprise in the post-harvest sector; and to identify opportunities for [...]
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The global consumer demand for high-quality foods that are both fresh tasting and nutritious has created considerable interest and investment in the development of new or improved post-harvest storage and food-processing techniques. The competitive struggle for markets, which has resulted from more liberalised trade regimes, has required a much greater [...]
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Jordan, although a relatively small country, produces a wide range of fruits and vegetables. A large percentage of the vegetables is produced, due to the unique climate of the country, in the off-season (during Winter and early Spring). In the present report production figures of the major fruit and vegetable crops [...]
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