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This section provides access to documents covering the many post-harvest activities associated with agricultural commodities. 

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A collection of technical articles on almonds
Select One      2005      Nucis (Health & Tree Nuts) Foundation      (English)      Download document
Una coleccion de articulos tecnicos sobre almendra
long (over 2 hours)      2005      Nucis (Health & Tree Nuts) Foundation      (Spanish)      Download document
Reference inventory that showcases equipment currently being used for cottage-level processing of silk. It is intended as a resource for anyone interested in promoting the development of raw silk handcraft cottage industries. The beneficiaries may be cocoon producers themselves who choose to reserve some or all of their production for home processing or [...]
Instructional Manual      2005      FAO      (English)      Download document
Improve the efficiency and productivity of food handling and processing in the community and everyone benefits. There are no losers. Access to a more secure supply of foods and raw materials for manufacturing provides for more employment, enhances incomes and brings greater prosperity to people. Markets can be better exploited, [...]
Publication (book)      2004      Brian Clarke      (English)      Download document
Las pérdidas postcosecha exceden el 30 por ciento en muchos países en desarrollo. La mayoría de las mismas se debe a la falta de infraestructura o a una infraestructura inadecuada para el manipuleo, almacenamiento y elaboración eficiente de la producción agrícola. También contribuyen a estas pérdidas el alto costo de [...]
Instructional Manual      2004      Stella Maris Alzamora, Sandra Norma Guerrero, Andrea Bibiana Nieto, Susana Leontina Vidales      (Spanish)      Download document

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