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This section provides access to documents covering the many post-harvest activities associated with agricultural commodities. 

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A learning resource for small and micro entrepreneurs who bottle coconut water, as well as a training resource for extension workers and trainers. It documents good practice for the application of a “middle level” of technology for the cold preservation of coconut water.
Training Document      2006      FAO - Rosa Rolle      (English/French/Spanish)      Download document
This manual offers guidance to field workers involved in advising and providing training for committee members and staff of primary agricultural co-operatives. The manual gives advice on how to plan and carry out training activities and discusses methods for assessing training needs. Alternative systems for organising training in the field [...]
Training Document      2006      ©FAO under licence from ILO      (English)      Download document
This paper endeavours to examine what happens within the horticultural supply chain to affect safety and quality and what are the constraints faced within that chain that impact adversely on the ability to make improvements. The paper tentatively concludes that traditional marketing systems presently provide little motivation or incentive for [...]
Series      2006      FAO - Andrew Shepherd      (English)      Download document
Tools for harvesting Cereals, fruits and nuts, legumes, vegetables, oilseeds, roots and tubers, grass.
Report      2006      FAO - Gian Carlo Filippini      (English)      Download document
Projet portant sur l'amelioration des technologies post-recolte du fonio pour ameliorer la competitivite du fonio sur le marche en termes de prix et de qualite
advanced (over night)      2006      J.F. Cruz; D. Drame      (French)     

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