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Title Year Language Author(s) Document
Good Practice for the small scale production of bottled Coconut Water
A learning resource for small and micro entrepreneurs who bottle coconut water, as well as ...
2006 English/French/Spanish FAO - Rosa Rolle
Self Study and Training for Members and Staff of Agricultural Co-operatives
This manual offers guidance to field workers involved in advising and providing training for committee ...
2006 English ©FAO under licence from ILO
Technical Manual for the Construction of Small Metal Silos
Simple information on how to construct a metal silo. This document is largely based on ...
2005 English FAO - D Mejia and F Mazaud
Manual para preparación y venta de frutas y hortalizas - Del campo al mercado
Practical examples related to the harvesting, post-harvest handling and marketing of fresh produce for the ...
2004 English/French/Spanish FAO- Andrés F. López Camelo, Ph.D, INTA E E A, Balcarce, Argentina
Technical Guide on Post Harvest of Banana
Description of the technical activities related to the handling, packaging, ripening and storage of bananas. ...
2004 English Fablo Mencarelli, Danilo Mejia
Conservación de frutas y hortalizas mediante tecnologías combinadas
Este manual de entrenamiento, completamente ilustrado, facilita pautas comprensivas y prácticas para la preservación de ...
2004 Spanish Stella Maris Alzamora, Sandra Norma Guerrero, Andrea Bibiana Nieto, Susana Leontina Vidales
Technologies combinées de conservation des fruits et des légumes
Ce manuel, totalement illustré, fournit les indications complètes et pratiques sur la conservation des fruits ...
2004 French Stella Maris Alzamora, Sandra Norma Guerrero, Andrea Bibiana Nieto et Susana Leontina Vidales
Technical Guide for Harvesting, Curing and Storing of Onions
Technical Guide for Eritrean Growers of Harvesting, Curing and Storing of Onions. A summary of ...
2004 English FAO - Andrea Bellincontro, Danilo Mejia
Guide to Fumigation under Gas Proof Sheets
This fumigation guide has been written to tell, and show, users how to do fumigations ...
2004 English FAO - J.E. van Someren Graver
Small-Scale Postharvest Handling Practices: A Manual for Horticultural Crops (4th Edition)
Details of postharvest handling practices for low-input and/or small-scale handlers of horticultural commodities ...
2004 English Lisa Kitinoja and Adel A. Kader