FAO in Jamaica, Bahamas and Belize

FAO awards farmers across Jamaica


In its 65th year of celebration, under the theme, “Grow what we eat, eat what we grow: A Salute to our farmers…Nation Builders”, the Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show drew crowds from across Jamaica in salutation to Jamaica’s farmers. FAO joined in this celebration with the establishment of a booth under the theme “Achieving Food Security for All”. FAO welcomed hundreds of patrons to its booth over the three day event and awarded farming tools to lucky farmers and patrons from across the country. Some of these tools included weed whackers, machetes, water boots, spray pans, forks and the grand prize of a 200 gallon water tank.

The 65th Denbigh show is an annual, colourful and vibrant display of Jamaican food, agriculture, and culture, held in August each year.