FAO in Jamaica, Bahamas and Belize

Ram-ing up Belize Agribusiness

Farmers of Yo Creek with certificates for their rams

Ten farmers in the Yo Creek village of Belize today received eleven purebred Cathadin ram offsprings from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration in an effort to support the strengthening of the sheep industry in the country.

The distribution of the off-springs is an effort to further the impact of the European Union funded Promoting Agribusiness in Northern Belize Project that was implemented by FAO and the Belize Ministry of Agriculture from 2015-2017.

It is expected that through the provision of these purebred rams, there will be greater productivity of the small ruminants sector in the country.

Promoting Agribusiness in Belize

Under the Promoting Agribusiness in Northern Belize Project, FAO supported the diversification of agricultural activities in northern Belize. The project assisted former cane farmers who sought to transition to new livelihoods as the sugar sector slowed down. The project targeted sheep, onion and honey and examined the potential for development and expansion of their value chains. Farmers were trained in diversifying and marketing their products to better their livelihoods and expand the industries.