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WASAG has been designed to bring together key players across the globe and across sectors to tackle the collective challenge of using water better in agriculture to ensure food security for all. It is an initiative for partners from all fields and backgrounds to collaborate in supporting countries and stakeholders in their commitments and plans related to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the Paris Climate Agreement (including implementing nationally determined contributions) and other plans and programmes related to agriculture and water.

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World Water Day 2021 - Valuing Water: addressing water scarcity in agriculture is crucial in valuing water

Celebrating the World Water Day is part of the life of WASAG

Every year, 22 March has been set aside to mark World Water Day. The 2021 edition titled “Valuing Water” will be celebrated in a virtual event globally. With agriculture being responsible for around 70 percent of water withdrawals, addressing water scarcity in agriculture – which is the core mission of WASAG – is more than key to valuing water. Read more