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MAFAP Products

MAFAP and its country partners supply vital evidence to regional and national policy dialogue by regularly publishing:

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Country Reports

These include an analysis of the impact of food and agriculture policies and an assessment of the level and the composition of public expenditure to support food and agriculture. Moreover, they look at the consistency of expenditure with other policies and objectives.

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Country Profiles

These provide an overview of findings on the impact of policies, an assessment of the level and composition of public expenditure, and other key results from MAFAP’s analysis.

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Technical Notes

These provide an in-depth analysis of the impact of policies on the prices of key commodities and on farmers, traders, consumers and other people involved in value chain.

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Policy Briefs

These provide a summary of policy relevant issues emerging from MAFAP’s analysis of price incentives and disincentives for key commodities.

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Synthesis Report

This report compares MAFAP results on price analysis and public expenditure by region, country, commodity and over time. It also includes an evaluation of the effectiveness of different strategies adopted by countries to boost their agricultural sector.

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This includes a common set of indicators, adapted to the African context, for measuring the impact of policies on different commodities and countries over time. It also gathers detailed data on the level and the composition of public expenditure on agriculture.

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Methodology Documents

Capacity Development Strategy