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A landmark in water governance promises a longer future for a vital aquifer in central-western Morocco

This webinar brings insights from stakeholders and partners who have tested tools and approaches in policy and governance innovation in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malawi and beyond

With FAO's support, PARLATINO - the Latin American Parliament - outlines key aspects to develop a framework for agroecological approaches in agrifood systems, with a view to spearheading regional change across national legislations

A new brief showcasing experiences from two countries demonstrates the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration for investments in land-based initiatives in forestry

Global leaders, policymakers, and experts discuss the critical role of governance in ensuring that institutions, legal frameworks, and collective action at all levels lead to the desired transformation of our food systems

Transforming food and agriculture for sustainable development

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for a bold, transformational change to achieve a world that is more inclusive, fair, sustainable and resilient. It’s a world free of hunger and extreme poverty, one that protects sustainable use of biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystems services for development.

This corporate portal is a gateway to FAO’s policy and governance support work to build sustainable food systems that can help countries achieve the vision of the 2030 Agenda. FAO, itself the world’s leading forum for policy dialogue, promotes evidence-based policy making from national to regional and global levels as countries prioritize challenges, implement decisions and monitor their effectiveness.

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Policy Tools and Publications

FAO’s policy and governance support resources — briefs, guidelines, datasets, e-learning resources, analytical tools, issue papers — are all freely available to the public. 

Global pandemic
FAO response to COVID-19 

As countries move to strike a balance between keeping people safe and getting the economy back on track, they must protect poor and vulnerable people’s access to nutritional food. FAO knowledge tools help countries mitigate the risks of the pandemic on food security and nutrition.

Policy Themes
FAO role and areas of work

To achieve its mandate and assist countries in the best way possible, FAO works on priority policy issues. Each theme presents key FAO policy messages and links to further information, resources and partner initiatives.

What is governance?

FAO policy and governance work is developed through an extensive array of institutional partnerships with governments, regional organizations, parliaments, agricultural producers, the private sector, civil society, renowned technical experts, international organizations and financial institutions.

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