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Policy monitoring and evaluation: a key component of the 10th CAADP Partnership Platform meeting in Durban

30 May 2014
From the 18-21 March 2014, the “All Africa Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development” took place in Durban, South Africa.

The event was organized by the African Union (AU) and the NEPAD Agency to facilitate consultations and dialogue amongst various stakeholders involved in the advancement of the agricultural transformation and rural development agenda such as member states, political decision makers, Regional Economic Communities, farmers’ organizations, multilateral and bilateral donors, and NGO’s among others. The 10th CAADP Platform meeting was held during this milestone year, declared by the AU Assembly of Heads of State and Government, Year of Agriculture and Food Security in Africa, marking the 10th Anniversary of the adoption of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).

Policy monitoring and analysis was an important component of the CAADP PP, within the key thematic work stream: Policy & Institutions. FAO’s Monitoring and Analysing Food and Agricultural Policies (MAFAP) held a lead presentation based on results from the first phase in a session led by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) on macro trends & development. The presentation was an example of growing partnership in the field of evidence-based agricultural policy analysis. The outcome of the Policy & Institutions work stream will inform the technical and political deliberations for the Joint Ministers of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Infrastructure and/or Development and the Declaration of African Heads of State and Government at the African Union Summit in July 2014.

FAO is also working with the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency to incorporate MAFAP into the CAADP monitoring & evaluation framework, as the methodology would be a valuable tool for African Governments to identify key policy constraints to agricultural development.

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