FAO in Myanmar
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations provided teaching aids and hardware...
The Governments of Myanmar and Finland on 16 June 2020 launched a trailblazing project designed...
Since March 2020, when Myanmar confirmed its first COVID-19 case, the number of cases has...
The Final Workshop for launching the Ecosystem-based Sustainable Forest Management Planning Manual (ESFM PM), Ecosystem-based...

The FAO Country Programming Framework for Myanmar (2017-2022) has identified three priority areas:

1. Enhanced food security, nutrition and food safety;

2. Strengthened governance and sustainable management of land, forest, water resources and ecosystems; and

3. Enhanced resilience of local communities and farming households to natural and humanitarian disasters, climate change and transboundary and emerging infectious disease risks.

Meetings / Workshops / Events

January - March 2020 

  •  Technical Consultation workshops on the stocking and identification of Early Warning Early Action (EWEA) needs
  • Regional workshops on Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM)
  • Stakeholders consultations and local level workshops on Pilot integration of CBDRM into Village Development Planning (VDP)
  • Regional Level Training of Trainer for Mangrove Friendly Aquaculture in Climate Change Resiliency
  • Regional Level Training of Trainer for Safety at Sea
  • Nutrition Behavior Barrier Analysis (NBBA) including analysis of the existing gaps (evidence based) in nutrition behavior, developing study design, tools, and methodology, and conducting field data collection, collation, analysis and reporting
  • Joint analysis of gaps for revision of existing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) & Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  •  2nd National Forest Inventory Field Training
  •  Validation Workshop for Project Support for the National Land Use Policy Implementation
  • Continuing support to Sub – national MS – NPAN planning in States and Regions