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FAO in Myanmar
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FAO Myanmar has recently published the first issue of the quarterly newsletter in 2018.

The FAO Country Programming Framework (CPF) 2012-2016  in Myanmar has identified seven priority outcomes covering a number of priority areas:

1. Increased agricultural production to enhance food security
2. Improved food safety and quality
3. Sustainable management of natural resources and the environment
4. Land use and land management improvement
5. Human resource development and institutional capacity building
6. Rural livelihoods improvement
7. Preparedness for disaster and climate change

Meetings / Workshops / Events

July 2018

  • Launching ceremony of the Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Centre in Yezin Agricultural University, (GCP/MYA/017/GFF)  
  • MRV Technical Working Group Meeting, UN-REDD Programme  Land Use and Land Cover Mapping Advisory Task Force Meeting,  (GCP/MYA/017/GFF) 
  • Workshop on Validation of Academic Course and Training Curricula on CSA, (GCP/MYA/017/GFF)    University Veterinary Science Students Field Visit, (UNJP/MYA/022/OPS) 

August 2018

  • National CSA Technical Support Group Meeting, (GCP/MYA/017/GFF)  
  • Regional awareness training on Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for SLM/SFM and CSA practices, (GCP/MYA/017/GFF)    
  • Vulnerability Assessments at National level and Community Levels, (GCP /MYA/021/LDF)

September 2018·    

  • Regional survey of Nansen vessel at the national waters of Myanmar, (GCP/GLO/690/NOR)
  • MRV Technical Working Group Meeting, UN-REDD Programme  National Workshop on Climate Smart Agriculture, (GCP/MYA/017/GFF)