Climate Change
Investing in Education'

Investing in Education

Training academia in country reporting under the UNFCCC
Women tackle climate change with tree nurseries in El Salvador'

Women tackle climate change with tree nurseries in El Salvador

Rosa Amparo Díaz leads a women's association that protects nature for future generations
Broadening diets and growing opportunities in Mongolia'

Broadening diets and growing opportunities in Mongolia

FAO-China South-South Cooperation Programme supports climate-resilient agriculture in the heart of a landlocked country

FAO's work on Climate Change

Climate change threatens our ability to ensure global food security, eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from human activity and livestock are a significant driver of climate change, trapping heat in the earth's atmosphere and triggering global warming.

Climate change has both direct and indirect effects on agricultural productivity including changing rainfall patterns, drought, flooding and the geographical redistribution of pests and diseases. The vast amounts of CO₂ absorbed by the oceans causes acidification, influencing the health of our oceans and those whose livelihoods and nutrition depend on them. FAO is supporting countries to both mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change through a wide range of research based and practical programmes and projects, as an integral part of the 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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