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Central pivot irrigation in the desert
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Global Map of Irrigation Areas


Until 1992 irrigation infrastructure was installed on a total area of 2 624 000 ha. The highest construction rates of irrigation systems was registered between 1965 and 1985. After 1992 the construction of new irrigation systems was virtually stopped and several of the existing schemes went out of operation. While the area actually irrigated was still 2 291 600 ha in 1990, it decreased to 1 845 100 ha in 1995, 1 402 700 ha in 1998 and only 543 300 ha in 2001. In 2002 area actually irrigated was 730 100 ha and in 2003 it was 731 400 ha [UA01]. The reported lack of government funds to provide for proper operation and maintenance of the irrigation canals (total length 59 300 km), pumping stations (in total 13 700) and other hydro-technical constructions (in total 475 000) indicates that the area actually irrigated will, at least in the near future, very likely not reach the extent observed in the beginning of the 1990s again. Sub-national irrigation statistics were available for the year 1985 and were summing up to 2 395 500 ha [UA02]. This is very close to recent figures. It was reported that actually existing main and secondary level irrigation systems can provide watering on an area of 2 448 000 ha [UA03]. It was therefore decided to use the figures reported for the year 1985 without any changes. Area equipped for irrigation by region is shown in the table below.

The irrigation schemes of the country were digitized from irrigation maps published in [UA03] and area equipped for irrigation was assigned to these digitized polygons.


[UA01]: Kovalenko, P., Zhovtonog, O., Filipenko, L., Kruchenyk, V. & Michailov, J. 2006. Country report from Ukraine. In: Dirksen, W. and Huppert, W. (ed.). Irrigation sector reform in Central and Eastern European countries. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), Eschborn, Germany, 607-667.
[UA02]: Unknown. Irrigated area per region in 1985. Data table available in the AQUASTAT library.
[UA03]: Zhovtonog, O. 2005. History of irrigation in Ukraine - bridge from the past to future developments. In: Integrated Land and Water Resources Management in History, Special Edition 2, Siegburg, Germany, 205-218.

Distribution of irrigated area in the Ukraine by Region:

Region Area equipped for
irrigation 1985 (ha)
Chernigivska 9 800
Chernivetska 16 100
Crimea 333 000
Dnipropetrovska 245 300
Donetska 204 600
Ivano-Frankivska 1 800
Kharkivska 98 700
Khersonska 416 000
Khmelnitska 4 100
Kiiv City 0
Kiivska 119 300
Kirovogradska 49 900
Luganska 97 600
Lvivska 0
Mikolaivska 172 500
Odesska 210 700
Poltavska 44 300
Rivnenska 2 300
Sevastopol City 0
Sumska 24 800
Ternopilska 8 300
Tsherkavska 47 900
Vinnicka 35 100
Volynska 2 600
Zakarpatska 14 600
Zaporiska 229 400
Zytomirska 6 800
Ukraine, total 2 395 500
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