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Global River Sediment Yields Database

This database contains data on annual sediment yields in worldwide rivers and reservoirs, searchable by river, country and continent.

The database was compiled from different sources by HR Wallingford, UK, on behalf of the FAO Land and Water Development Division. Although this database has not been updated since 2000, we still keep it online since the information can be useful for certain user categories. Please direct any queries, comments and suggestions concerning the database to AQUASTAT

In the fields below, enter the name of the river, the country, or the continent for which you would like to see summary sedimentation data. Column headers can be clicked for an explanation of the data. By enabling the option "reservoir" you can restrict your search to those datasets that have been derived from reservoir sedimentation measurements. Clicking on 'View !' in the last column shows the complete sedimentation record.

Database structure/categories
Information sources
Download the entire database in Excel format (1.8 MB !)
Questions about the database


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