Review of water resources statistics by country

AQUASTAT collects statistics on water resources and data on water resources obtained from national sources are systematically reviewed to ensure consistency in definitions and between countries sharing the same river basin. A methodology has been developed and rules have been established to compute the different elements of a country's water resources. The methodoly is described in the article Key Water Resources Statistics in AQUASTAT. The calculation rules are provided in the country water resources sheets, which can be accessed throught the dropdown menu below.

With the assistance of Mr. Jean Margat, expert in global water resources assessment, a comparative analysis of available country water resources data is carried out at regular intervals. On that basis, AQUASTAT compiles and updates its best estimates of the main elements of the water resources for each country

The detailed results of the analysis are presented by country and updated whenever new information becomes available:

See the glossary for the definitions of the terminology used in the country water balance sheet.

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