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Consultative Meeting on the Next Phase of the F4T Process

The “Food for Thought” (F4T) scenario exercise confirmed the importance and potential of regional cooperation among the Nile riparians, and discovered possible areas for enlarging common ground. Notably these areas are not directly related to river flow and therefore offer better prospects for negotiated solutions.
The scenario exercise has reached its halfway point. Critical questions in the next phase include: 1) how can we effectively disseminate the scenario set, 2) how can we promote fruitful scenario based strategic dialogue beyond the group that was involved so far, and 3) how can we ensure that our proceeds of today effectively help create ‘better futures’ for all.
Consensus is emerging regarding the key importance of continuing the process of scenario based strategic conversations, involving the right people with power to influence and act.
To this effect, the project is organizing a consultative meeting to advise on the next phase of the F4T process. The event is scheduled for 10 July 2008 in Cairo, Egypt, and will be facilitated by Dr. Peter Schütte. Questions that will be addressed include:
-    Who are the audiences that we wish to engage and influence?
-    How can process gains and insights be communicated to a (much) wider audience?
-    What could be potential barriers, and how should we deal with this?