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Programme de lutte contre la trypanosomose africaine (PLTA)

Monitoring the elimination of human African trypanosomiasis: Update to 2016



Human African trypanosomiasis (HAT), also known as sleeping sickness, is a rare disease today, but throughout the 20th century it has demonstrated its potential for devastating epidemics. Over the last twenty years, substantial efforts against HAT enabled to dramatically reduce its prevalence, and the disease is now targeted for elimination by the World Health Organization (WHO). In this paper we provide an update to 2016 of the epidemiological situation, focusing on the number of reported cases, the areas and populations exposed at various levels of risk, and the coverage and intensity of surveillance activities. The trends show that attaining the 2020 target of elimination as a public health problem is within reach, with 2,164 reported cases in 2016 (as compared to the targeted milestone for the same year of 4,000 cases), and with an improved coverage of at risk populations by surveillance activities. Beyond 2020, achieving elimination of transmission for the gambiense form of the disease (targeted for 2030) will be more challenging, and it will require the sustained commitment of HAT endemic countries and donors, the adoption of innovative disease control approaches, and the coordination of a broad range of stakeholders.

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