Parliamentary alliances

Our approach

FAO will continue to support Parliamentarians as they seek to:

  • Promote and/or enact as appropriate, legislative and other measures,  to address specific issues relating to food and nutrition security;
  • Raise awareness on the aforementioned issues, including with their constituencies;
  • Provide a dedicated space for dialogue, discussion and exchange of views on issues relating to food security amongst themselves;
  • Dialogue and share experiences with other Parliamentarians and Parliamentary bodies around the world.

Utilizing our knowledge and expertise, FAO is supporting Parliamentarians as follows: 

  • Facilitating the sharing of information such as good practices on legal frameworks and public policies,  among others;
  • Providing support to Members of Parliament on the development of legislation and public policies;
  • Providing technical information, including statistics, on relevant issues of food security to support the measures taken by the respective Parliamentary body;
  • Providing capacity building for Parliamentarians on key issues of food and nutrition security;
  • Facilitating linkages amongst Parliamentarians and Parliamentary bodies through exchanges (e.g. South-South cooperation) as required.

The aforementioned collaboration is fostered using the Parliamentary mechanisms identified by the respective Parliament(s), including existing ones such as Standing Parliamentary Committees, Special Select Committees or the establishment of a Parliamentary Alliance/Front/Network. The selected mechanism serves as the Parliamentary focal point on food and nutrition security.