FAO in the Philippines

Our Office

Since its foundation, FAO has recognized the physical and economic access to food as a basic human right, and the mission of the Organization was grounded on the belief that elimination of hunger and malnutrition is essential and attainable through national efforts and international cooperation. FAO's mandate is directed to step up levels of nutrition and standards of living, to improve the production and distribution of food and agricultural products, and to better the condition of rural populations as rural areas are home to seventy percent of the world's poor and hungry people.

The main areas of FAO's activities comprise:

  • Information. As a knowledge network, FAO collects, analyses, and disseminates data.
  • Sharing policy expertise. FAO lends its experience to member countries in devising agricultural policy, supporting planning, drafting effective legislation and creating national strategies to achieve rural development and hunger alleviation goals.
  • Neutral forum. In FAO, all nations meet as equals to negotiate agreements and debate policies on major food and agricultural issues.
  • Field projects. FAO mobilizes and manages funds provided by member-countries, donor countries, development banks and other source, FAO provides the technical know-how and in a few cases is a limited source of funds. In emergency situations, FAO collaborates with different humanitarian agencies and government in the implementation of complementary support within the Organization's mandate.