Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

World Food Systems Summit - Game Changing Propositions​

Action Tracks received over 1 200 ideas, which were elaborated and synthesized into 107 initial propositions. These propositions will undergo a wide-range of stakeholder consultations between May and June 2021, closely coordinated by the Food Systems Summit Dialogues and the work of the Scientific Committee.


Action Track 2 – Sustainable consumption

Action Track 2 works to catalyse the shift to sustainable and healthy consumption patterns through changes in policies, food environments, the actions of civil society, the private sector and consumer behaviour. We need to transition towards diets that are healthier, safer, climate and nature-positive. We need to eliminate food waste and build circular food economies. This transformative shift in consumption should strengthen livelihoods, agency, opportunities and the dignity of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable, especially women, girls, smallholders, indigenous people and the urban poor.

Action Area 2.2 is about "Slashing food loss and waste and transitioning to a circular economy"

This action area will develop initiatives to engage and incentivize countries, businesses and citizens to play their part and collaborate to eliminate food loss and waste. This will include adoption of the approach to target, measure and act throughout the entire supply chain. To transform citizen behaviour and to increase the focus on creating more circular food systems through upcycling and development of alternative ways to make the best use of any inedible parts or wasted food.

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