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Uses of Geothermal Energy in Food and Agriculture

Opportunities for developing countries

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World Fertilizer Trends and Outlook to 2018

This report presents the world nitrogen, phosphate and potassium fertilizer medium-term supply and demand projections for the period 2014-2018.


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Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication

These guidelines represent a global consensus on principles and guidance for small-scale fisheries governance and development, and are directed at all those involved in the sector.

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Disaster risk management and climate change adaptation in the CARICOM and wider Caribbean region

The purpose of this publication is to develop capacity in addressing climate change impacts on fisheries and aquaculture in the CARICOM and wider Caribbean region. It aims to formulate a strategy, an action plan and a programme to strengthen regional and national cooperation.

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School feeding and possibilities for direct purchases from family farming

This publication reviews the sectors involved in school feeding and considers alternatives for the institutionalization and strengthening of school feeding policies with the hope that School Feeding Programmes can contribute to realizing the right to food.

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A Regional Strategy for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization. Sustainable Mechanization across Agri-Food Chains in Asia and the Pacific region

This publication considers the shift from traditional labour-intensive production and post-harvest operations to mechanized labour-saving technologies that is taking place across Asian agriculture, providing a regional strategy for the sustainability of mechanization.

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Capture Fisheries. Junior Farmers Field and Life School – Facilitator’s guide

The purpose of this guide is to make available a variety of exercises that facilitators can use and adapt to individual socio-economic and cultural contexts and needs of different target groups and countries.

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Rice in the Shadow of Skyscrapers - Policy Choices in a Dynamic East and Southeast Asian Setting

These policy notes seek to contribute to ongoing policy debates about rice and food security in East and Southeast Asia towards more informed decision- making. The aim of this compendium is to synthesize a large body of recent literature into a readily-accessible format for public officials, business leaders, members of civil society and other stakeholders in the policymaking process. While the focus of the publication is on the rice sector in East and Southeast Asia, many of its key findings and conclusions will also be of interest to policymakers addressing similar challenges associated with staple foods in other regions.

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