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FAO in Somalia
Rural areas, too long seen as poverty traps, key to economic growth in developing countries But...
With 3.1 million people facing crisis and emergency, acute food insecurity persists in Somalia Acute...
FSNAU-FEWS NET 2017 Post Gu Assessment The Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Peter de Clercq, today expressed...
  Objective: To improve food security and resilience to shocks through strengthened and sustainable livelihoods within the...

Key Publications

FAO Somalia - Famine prevention and drought response plan February - July 2017

FAO’s Famine Prevention and Drought Response Plan is part of a wider humanitarian response (+) more

Preventing famine, building resilience, promoting recovery

FAO interventions to reinforce rural livelihoods are holding the line against worsening food insecurity, mitigating displacement pressures(+) more






Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit