Plateforme de Connaissances sur les Chaînes de Valeur Alimentaires Durables

A Handbook for Training of Disabled on Rural Enterprise Development


This handbook is designed as a guide for setting up a small scale business. Although meant for persons with disabilities, it offers basic knowledge for successful business management and self-employment. The handbook is divided into four parts Part 1: Introduction; Part 2: Training persons with disabilities; Part 3: Small-scale enterprise development; Part 4: Success case replication. The handbook is illustrated with case studies of farmers with disabilities who have become successful micro-entrepreneurs. The examples highlight the initial steps in their becoming entrepreneurs, some of the specific problems they encountered and how they overcame their disabilities. The case studies also show how some persons with disabilities who became successful micro-entrepreneurs decided to share their knowledge by training others.

Pays: General Asia, Non-country specific
Produits: Non-Commodity specific
Thèmes: Vulnerable groups, Processing
Auteur (personne): Johanne Hanko, Wim Polman
Éditeur: Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Catégorie: Field-based materials
Niveau: Intermediate
Type: Learning material
Format: Document
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