Plateforme de Connaissances sur les Chaînes de Valeur Alimentaires Durables

Good Hygienic Practices in the Preparation and Sale of Street Food in Africa - Tools for Training


Most itinerant vendors have received no training in food hygiene or sanitation and have to work under difficult and unsanitary conditions and training of stakeholders in this complex system is far from easy. Handlers, vendors, consumers, official inspectors, representatives of associations or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are the target audience of this training manual.  As in any food preparation activity, it is important to know and apply the basic rules of food hygiene. The manual centres on the five core sources of contamination (raw materials, environment and equipment, workforce and methods) and provides more details in areas considered relevant to street food: basic information to understand microbiological contamination, water and critical control points during food preparation, with an emphasis on those stages where corrective action can be instrumental, in order words adopting a risk-based approach.

Pays: General Africa
Produits: Non-Commodity specific
Thèmes: Nutrition and health, Sustainability standards, certifications, brands, and labels, Wholesale and retail distribution
Organisation auteur: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Éditeur: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Catégorie: Field-based materials
Niveau: Advanced
Type: Learning material
Format: Document
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