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Project on afforestation, forestry research, planning and development in the Three North Region, China

Year of publication 2007
This site provides summarized information on the problems of soil erosion and desertification in the Korqin Sandy Lands in China, and describes integrated restoration and reforestation strategies carried out through a Government Cooperation Project between the People's Republic of China and the Kingdom of Belgium, and implemented by FAO from 1991 to 2002. The project started in April 1991, with an expected duration of six years. Following review, assistance was extended for a second phase of five years. The second phase was ended in December 2002. In its twelve years of implementation, the project helped made significant advances in applied research on forest resources conservation and sustainable development. Some twenty scientific research programmes were completed, including the introduction, selection and breeding of poplars and conifers for plantation on sandy lands; introduction and improvement of mechanized equipment; and the conservation and integrated management of native forest resources on sandy lands. Around 200 ha of demonstration plots were established with superior poplar clones and pines, with about 10 000 ha of protection and commercial forests. In parallel, provenance trials started to identify more than 20 poplar varieties and 10 conifer species for further introduction, testing and propagation.
Type of Case
Asia Pacific
Arid lands, Temperate
Forest Type
Planted forest
Primary Designated Function
Production, Protection of soil and water