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Agroforestry in rice production landscapes in Southeast Asia: a practical manual

Author Wangpakapattanawong, P., Finlayson, R., Öborn, I., Roshetko, J.M., Sinclair, F., Shono, K., Borelli, S., Hillbrand, A. & Conigliaro, M., eds.
Year of publication 2017
This publication represents an output of work conducted on trees outside forests (TOF) as part of Regional Rice Initiative (RRI) Phase 2. It provides practical information on the status, benefits and techniques related the use of TOF in rice production landscapes in Southeast Asia. The manual describes the main rice-based farming systems in Southeast Asia, discusses the potential of agroforestry in enhancing the livelihood of smallholder farmers in rice growing areas in Southeast Asia, and gives an overview of traditional and innovative practices integrating trees in rice-based farms and landscapes. The manual also provides practical information to guide the planning, design and management of agroforestry in rice production systems in Southeast Asia, including case studies from several countries in the region.
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Guidelines, manual, kits for trainers
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Forest Management Unit
Asia Pacific
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Other forest types (bamboo, swamp forests, etc.)
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