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Appropriate wood harvesting in plantation forests

Year of publication 1987
The FAO/Finland Training Course on Appropriate Wood Harvesting Operations 9 to 26 June 1986 was held from 9 to 26 June 1986 at Mutare and Troutbeck in Zimbabwe. The purpose of the training course was to train logging managers to improve overall efficiency of wood-harvesting operations in developing countries, and to promote analysis and discussion by the participants in order to draw conclusions and make recommendations on the training needs and improvement of wood harvesting operations. The course was organized also to strengthen existing wood-harvesting training centres in developing countries and - in the long term -- to promote national and regional training centres. The course placed emphasis on the following aspects of wood-harvesting operations: planning of raw-material procurement; selection of appropriate technology; cost control; forest road construction; felling, bucking, skidding; wood transport; equipment maintenance; safety, ergonomics; log grading and interrelated subjects on the forest resource base and forest industry. It included lectures, excursions, demonstrations, film shows, group work sessions, country reports and practical training. Participants were from private and public forest enterprises and ministries of agriculture and forestry as well as training and research institutions. This document is a compilation of the lecture papers presented at the training course. It is hoped that many logging managers dealing with the development of appropriate wood-harvesting operations will profit from the information contained in it.
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Guidelines, manual, kits for trainers
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Forest Management Unit
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Planted forest
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