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Tool Details

Benefits and Risks Tool (BeRT) - Supporting countries to address and respect the Cancun Safeguards

The BeRT is designed to support countries to do the following: Identify benefits and risks associated with REDD+ actions, in the context of the Cancun safeguards. Determine how the country’s existing policies, laws and regulations (PLRs) already promote the benefits or address the risks identified. Identify the gaps in the PLR framework that may need to be addressed in order to address and respect the Cancun safeguards in REDD+ implementation. Utilize information on the benefits and risks of specific REDD+ actions/options to inform a decision on which actions to include in the REDD+ strategy. Provide content for use in the summary of information on how countries are addressing and respecting the safeguards through existing PLRs.
Type of Tool
Scale of Application
Forest Management Unit, National
Forest Type
All forest types (natural and planted), Degraded forest
Primary Designated Function
Management Responsibility