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FAO in Tanzania
  The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is working with the Government...
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FAO works closely with the Government of Tanzania by providing policy advice, credible, up-to-date information and technical expertise on food security and natural resource management. It provides support in four priority areas:

  • Evidence – based Agriculture policy, planning, investment and sector coordination;
  • Increasing agricultural production, productivity for food security and nutrition;
  • Improving market access for increased incomes;
  • Strengthening resilience to natural and man-made threats and crises such as climate change impacts; and unsustainable management of natural resources.

Elishililia Mollel: pulses have enabled me to transform my family’s life

Elishililia Mollel is a living example of how pulses farming can transform somebody’s life. She is a widow with three children living at Kikatiti village about 30 kilometers south of Arusha town. Ms. Mollel depends on small-scale farming as the main source of income. Her husband died in 2005 and unlike what was expected of a widowed woman in her community, she refused to be inherited by her husband’s relatives as per local customs and instead decided to work hard on her own to raise her children.