Часто задаваемые вопросы


Q:How can we help you prepare a glossary or online database of terms?

A: CPAM Terminology Team can assist you by analyzing large corpora using modern term extraction methods and composing candidate lists of terms for development. This method comprises the 10-step methodology for terminology development, after which the team can assist in providing language equivalents and definitions.


Q: How will the terms and definitions be stored and managed?

A: The selected term and definitions, including other attributes such as source, remarks, related terms, etc. are then stored in an online database which has full workflow capabilities in order to validate the terms in all languages.  The data is completely interoperable with other systems, and can be exported in the TBX format which is an ISO standard.


Q: How can I participate in a collaborative process to produce a terminology product (printed glossary, online glossary, terminology online collection, etc.)?

A: The process of developing terminologies can be carried out from anywhere because it is an online application, the workflow of which has many profiles (Editor, Validator, etc). So the idea is that it can be used ANYWHERE by ANYBODY. Only a validator or administrator profile can, however, approve terms to be published. The terms may either be published into a “PUBLIC” online system, and/or exported into ‘terminology products’ – lists of terms, glossaries, bilingual, multilingual, etc. in whichever format you require (Word, PDF, rtf, tbx/xml, etc).


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