Webinar on improving our understanding of the gender pay gap


The Task Force on Gender Equity (GE-TF) will be holding its third webinar on Tuesday, 20 October 2020, from 16:00 - 18:00 CEST, which will focus on the topic of improving our understanding of the gender pay gap in the banana industry.

The agenda for the event can be found below:

WEBINAR: Improving our understanding of the gender pay gap in the banana industry

16:00 – 16:05: Welcome by the WBF Secretariat

16:05 – 16:10: Introduction by the Chairperson, Camila Reinhardt Hurtado, FAO

16:10 – 16:55: Presentations from Expert Panelists 

  • Rosalia Vasquez-Alvarez, International Labour Organization (ILO):

An introduction to the concept of the gender pay gap and its underlying causes in agriculture, with insights into the importance of incorporating gender pay gap analysis into multi-stakeholder initiatives on wages and decent work.

  • Wilbert Flinterman, Senior Advisor for Workers’ Rights and Trade Union Relations, Fairtrade International:
An introduction to Fairtrade International’s work on gender and the gender pay gap.
  • Sally Smith / Martha and Richard Anker, Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC):

Sharing information on the integration of the gender module into the Anker living wage and living income initiatives, including key quantitative and qualitative information that needs to be taken into account to improve our understanding of the gender pay gap and how to make advances in this respect.
  • Selfa Sandoval, COLSIBA Women’s Committee:
Making practical workplace improvements to close the gender pay gap - the role of wage negotiation, collective bargaining and specific clauses on gender that address the underlying causes of the gender pay gap.
16:55 – 17:05: Break
17:05 – 17:25: Q&A
17:25 – 18:00: Discussions
  • Sharing of information on related initiatives from other stakeholders and countries

  • Exchanging ideas and opportunities on making practical improvements on the gender pay gap in the banana industry

  • Conclusions and next steps for the GE-TF and WBF

For further information on the GE-TF webinar series, contact Camila Reinhardt (FAO) at [email protected] or Holly Woodward-Davey (Banana Link) at [email protected]