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The Sourcebook provides a number of workable approaches for designing an M&E system that would be of greatest relevance to different agricultural and rural development (ARD) activities, projects and programmes, and degree of data availability. A set of 19 priority indicators based on the criteria of compatibility, availability and relevance [...]
On a regular basis, FAO produces estimates of the prevalence of undernourishment and related measures that require estimates of the frequency distribution of household per capita food consumption, expressed in terms of dietary energy (kilocalories).
Rural Households’ Livelihood and Well-Being
Statistics on Rural Development and Agriculture Household Income
The handbook is intended for the benefit of various groups concerned with rural development and the evolving nature of the agricultural industry.
A non-parametric approach suggested by researchers from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) for measuring food deprivation (undernourishment) is not an improvement to the current FAO parametric approach.  
For studying inequalities in populations, the interest often lies in estimating frequency distributions. Several factors of interest, such as income or expenditure, depict highly skewed distributions. The study of economic inequality with respect to such distributions is of common interest, and estimation of frequency distributions is more meaningful in such [...]
Ten years after the World Food Summit (WFS) and less than 10 years before 2015 (the target year for halving the number of undernourished), the hunger situation in the Developing World still remains of great concern.
Household Budget Surveys, Household Income and Expenditure Surveys and Food Balance Sheets, provide useful data for epidemiological research and for developing National Food and Nutrition Policies.
The World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2010 (WCA 2010) is intended to assist countries in the conduct of their national census of agriculture. It provides guidance on the integrated system approach to agricultural censuses and surveys.
2000 World Census: Main Results and Metadata
Statistical Development Series 12
These reports serve as the basis for preparation of internationally comparable data and for methodological studies related to the conduct of an agricultural census. Statistics Division concurrently disseminates through its website the key data on structure of agriculture and related metadata obtained through the country census reports.
El Programa del Censo Agropecuario Mundial de la FAO se viene realizado desde hace más de 50 anós. Su finalidad principal es alentar a los países a que lleven a cabo un censo agropecuario al menos una vez cada diez anós.
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