Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations



FAO-Nepal and the national World Food Day (WFD) Committee, chaired by the Director-General of the Department of Agriculture, convened an official ceremony in November 2017. Participants included ministers, donors and UN partners, as well as 98 farmers and farmers’ organizations who were awarded by the Minister for Agricultural Development with special prizes and a letter of appreciation for their outstanding performance.

Speaking at the ceremony, the FAOR Dr Somsak Pipoppinyo noted that hunger, poverty, disasters and extreme climate events are key drivers contributing to migration in many developing and least developed countries.

In 2018, FAO-Nepal capitalized again on its WFD activities to mark its 40th anniversary. Major activities were carried out such as a reception with 150 dignitaries hosted by the FAOR, a walkathon in the streets of Lalitpur, a radio message on Radio Nepal delivered by the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, a cash prizes and certificates of appreciation ceremony to award 16 farmers for their work, as well as a film reflecting FAO-Nepal’s major achievements over the past 40 years.