List of documents

Official documents
COFO/2020/REP Report of the 25th Session of the Committee on Forestry
COFO/2020/1/Rev.1 Agenda
COFO/2020/4.1 State of the World’s Forests 2020 - Key Messages
COFO/2020/4.2/Rev.1 Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020: Key findings and ways forward including digitalization
COFO/2020/5/Rev.2 Forests and Biodiversity
COFO/2020/6 Forests: Nature-based Solutions for Climate Change
COFO/2020/7.1 Transforming agriculture and food systems: halting deforestation and promoting sustainable production and consumption of forest products
COFO/2020/7.2 UN Decades: Family Farming and Ecosystem Restoration: Building Back Better, including in response to COVID-19
COFO/2020/8.1/Rev.1/ Decisions and Recommendations of FAO Bodies of Interest to the Committee
COFO/2020/8.1.a International Platform for Digital Food and Agriculture – Terms of Reference
COFO/2020/8.2 Report on progress including the implementation of the UN Strategic Plan for Forests
COFO/2020/8.3/Rev.1 Dialogue with statutory bodies in Forestry
COFO/2020/9.1 Food systems transformation and the UN Food Systems Summit
COFO/2020/9.2 Vision and Strategy for FAO's Work in Nutrition
COFO/2020/9.3 Multi-year Programme of Work of the Committee on Forestry for 2020-2023
COFO/2020/9.4 Preparations for the XV World Forestry Congress
COFO/2020/9.5 FAO's Programme of Work in Forestry under the Reviewed Strategic Framework
Information documents
COFO/2020/Inf.1 Committee on Forestry - Provisional Timetable
COFO/2020/Inf.2/Rev.1 List of Documents
COFO/2020/Inf.3 List of participants of the 25th Session of the Committee on Forestry
COFO/2020/Inf.4 Statement of Competence and Voting Rights submitted by the European Union (EU) and its Member States
COFO/2020/Inf.5 COVID-19 Forestry Webinar week, 22-25 June 2020
COFO/2020/Inf.6 Financial and technical implications of elaborating an assessment of Global Forest Resources, comparing the positive and negative aspects of a two year and five year cycle
COFO/2020/Inf.7 Position paper on “ecosystem restoration” of production ecosystems, in the context of the UN decade of ecosystem restoration 2021-2030
Miscellaneous Documents
Progress Report on the Recommendations of the 24th Session of the Committee on Forestry
Recommendations of the Regional Forestry Commission