Wednesday, 6th June 2018 from 12.45 to 14.00, Sheikh Zayed Centre

Tracking Sustainable Development Goals on the road to 2030


About the event:

The event will present the recent initiatives undertaken by FAO to track progress towards the SDGs.

FAO has been identified by the UN Statistical Commission as the custodian agency for 21 of the over 230 global indicators selected to monitor the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In response to this challenge, the Organization has stepped up its efforts to support countries in collecting, analyzing and reporting data for the SDG indicators.

In this connection, representatives of member countries will be informed about the comprehensive array of statistical capacity development and dissemination initiatives deployed by FAO, which include:

Participants will also be briefed on future plans and will be engaged in a discussion aimed at identifying further needs and gaps at national level.


The purpose of the event is twofold. On the one hand, it aims to raise awareness of the importance of producing and using high quality and disaggregated data to track progress towards the SDGs. The tools and services offered by FAO will help broaden the pool of national experts on SDG monitoring, thus ensuring large-scale uptake and impact.

On the other hand, FAO experts will actively seek opportunities for strengthening cooperation with countries on the road to 2030.


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Responsible office:

Office of Chief Statistician


  • Maria Helena Semedo Deputy Director-General Climate and Natural Resources
  • Pietro Gennari, FAO Chief Statistician
  • Marcela Villarreal, Director Partnerships and South-South Cooperation Division
  • Cristina Petracchi FAO e-learning Team Leader, Partnerships and South-South Cooperation Division (DDN)

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