European Forest Week 2021

European Forest Week 2017 Art Contest Rules

Taking the opportunity to raise awareness and understanding among young people of European forests, their benefits, and the need for their sustainable management, FAO is holding a European Forest Week 2017 Art Contest that calls on children and teens from 5-19 to use their imagination and express their ideas on the European Forest Week theme: Forests, our common good.

I. Requirements for entering the Contest

I. Requirements for entering the Contest

1. Participation is free of charge.

2. The Contest is open to children and youth between the ages of 5 and 19.

3. The age to declare in the entry form is the one at the time of entering the Contest. Minors must have the permission of their parents or legal guardians to participate in the Contest.

4. Drawings or paintings should reflect and relate to the European Forest Week theme: Forests, our common good.

5. Drawings or paintings can be created digitally, drawn, painted or sketched using pens, pencils, crayons or charcoal, or using oil, acrylic or watercolor paint.

6. Drawings or paintings should be scanned or photographed and attached as a JPEG to the entry form provided on the submission page

7. Entries may be submitted from 12.00 CEST on 8 June 2017 to 12.00 CEST on 31 July 2017.

8. The Contest is divided into three categories: age 5 to 8, age 9 to 12, and age 13 to 19.

II. Prizes

II. Prizes

9. One winner and three runners-up will be selected by a jury in each of the three categories.

10. Drawings or paintings will be judged according to their relevance to the European Forest Week theme as well as for aesthetic and technical excellence.

11. The panel of judges will include professionals working in forestry and communications.

12. Winners in all three categories will be announced on the European Forest Week website ( during the official celebration of the European Forest Week in Warsaw, Poland, on 9-13 October 2017. The drawings or paintings of winners and runners up will also go on display at an exhibition as part of European Forest Week in Warsaw.

13. Winners will receive a Certificate of Recognition and a copy of a European Forest Week calendar containing their drawings or paintings. Runners up will receive a copy of the calendar.

14. In the event that any of the selected winner(s) of any prize is ineligible in accordance with the present Contest Rules, cannot be traced, or refuses the prize, the prize in question will be forfeited and it will be in the sole discretion of FAO to choose whether to award the prize to another eligible entry.

15. When winning drawings or paintings are published, only names and nationality of the winners will be published. No other personal information about the entrants will be published or shared by FAO.

III. General rules

III. General rules

16. The following persons shall not be eligible to participate in the Contest:
(a) FAO employees and their family members*;
(b) Employees and family members of entities co-organizing the Contest or otherwise involved in the organization of the Contest.
(c) Family members of the judging committee.

17. FAO reserves the right to disqualify submissions that are not consistent with the Organization’s values and guiding principles.

18. FAO also reserves the right to verify the eligibility of any entry and/or entrant (including an entrant’s identity and address) and to disqualify any entrant who submits an entry that is not in accordance with the Contest Rules, or who tampers with the entry process.

19. FAO will not pay any fees, nor pay any costs relating to participation in any Contest or for the use of any submissions in relation to the Contest.

20. No logos, URLs, telephone numbers, or calls that solicit directly for monetary donations should be included in any material.

21. FAO will not be responsible, and cannot be held liable, for incomplete, lost, late, misdirected or illegible entries or for failure to receive entries due to transmission failures or technical failures of any kind, including, without limitation, malfunctioning of any network, hardware or software, whether originating with sender or for any human error, lost/delayed data transmission, or any other error or malfunction.

22. Nothing in these Contest Rules or in any other document related thereto nor any acts performed or statements made in relation to the Contest shall be deemed a waiver, express or implied, of any of the privileges and immunities of FAO.

*“Family members” as used in the present Contest Rules shall mean parent, spouse, registered and recognized domestic partner, child, sibling, grandparent, step- (parent, child, siblings), or in-laws (parent, child, and sibling) regardless of whether resident in the same household or any other person residing in the same household.

IV. Copyright and privacy

IV. Copyright and privacy

23. By submitting entries to the Contest, entrants agree that their personal data, in particular their name and address, may be processed, shared, and otherwise used for the purposes of and within the context of the Contest, FAO institutional activities, and any other purposes outlined in these Rules. The data may also be used by FAO in order to verify the entrant's identity, postal address and telephone number or to otherwise verify the entrant's eligibility to participate in the Contest.

24. Entrants must own the copyright of the material they submit to the Contest. If the material contains the image of a person or persons, entrants must have obtained the permission of those persons for submission of their material to the Contest as well as the use of the material by FAO and UNECE for the purposes described in the present Contest Rules. 

25. The entrant declares that, to the best of his/her knowledge, no third party can claim any rights on the material submitted. If applicable, the entrant also confirms that each person depicted in the material has granted permission to be portrayed as shown and has agreed to the use of his/her image by FAO and UNECE as provided for in the present Contest Rules.

26. FAO will not seek additional approvals in connection with the use of the material and it will not be responsible for any claim or complaint alleging violation of the rights of third parties.

27. Copyright of the material remains with the entrants. By entering the Contest, entrants grant an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide exclusive license to FAO and UNECE, for non-commercial purposes, to reproduce, distribute, display and create derivative works of the entries (along with a name credit) in connection with the Contest and the promotion of FAO’s work, in, amongst others:
- FAO corporate website:;
- a European Forest Week calendar;- corporate videos or digital recordings to illustrate the work of the Organization;
- printed FAO publications, brochures or drawings or paintings;
- social media channels, including promotion of the Contest itself;
- Any other media used by FAO to communicate.